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Office of the Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is completely independent of the Government in the performance of his functions. This independence is underpinned by the Freedom of information Act 2014

The main functions of the Commissioner can be summarised as :

  • reviewing (on application) decisions of public bodies in relation to FOI requests and where necessary, making binding new decisions
  • reviewing the operation of the Freedom of Information Acts to ensure that public bodies comply with the provisions of the legislation
  • fostering of an attitude of openness among public bodies by encouraging the voluntary publication of information above and beyond the minimum requirements of the Acts
  • preparing and publishing commentaries on the practical operation of the Acts
  • the publication of an Annual Report

Link        : Office of the Information Commissioners website

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is established under the 1988 Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Commissioner is responsible for upholding the rights of individuals as set out in the Acts, and enforcing the obligations upon data controllers. The Commissioner is appointed by Government and is independent in the exercise of his or her functions.

Link        :  Office of the Data Protection Commissioners website

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

Department was established in 2011 with twin goals:

  • to reduce public spending to more sustainable levels and
  • to reform and improve our public services.

Link        : Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

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