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Will I be Charged?

The following charges apply in relation to requests for records made under the FOI Act:

Search and Retrieval and Copying Fees

Fees are applied in respect of the time spent searching and retrieving records that are released to you and in respect of copying of such records. Section 27 of the Act sets out the elements of search and retrieval which may be charged for.

In most cases there are no search, retrieval and copying charges where the request relates to your own personal records. However the Act does allow that in situations where the request relates to a significant number of records that a charge may be levied having regard to the circumstances of the requester.

Review and Appeal Fees
A charge applies to reviews and appeals to the Office of the Information Commissioner concerning access to non-personal records. There are reductions for medical card holders. This will be notified to you at the appropriate time by the relevant public body.